Welcome to Lovely Little Space!

I’m Hannah, a 30 year old wife, mother, and photographer.

My love and passion are summed up in those three words.

Wife to my best friend, travel companion, life partner, and all around favorite person in the world. Mother to my sweet one year old daughter who is a complete joy. Photographer, kinda’ retired, at least professionally, and only photographing what I want these days.

Lovely Little Space is a blog where I share what makes my life lovely: motherhood, home life, decor, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and more. I’m interested in living a simple, fulfilling, happy life, focused on the things and people I love.

I hope this is a place where you find inspiration. I look forward to seeing this blog transform as I continue to grow in this new season of life.

Traveling is another passion of mine and I have a separate blog dedicated to our travels over at The Wander Guide.

If you are also passionate about travel, be sure to check out The Wander Guide. There are a ton of travel ideas and tips over there.

Want to know more about me and less about the blog itself?

My little family moved into new-to-us home this year and I’m in the process of making our home our own. Last year, I quit my dream job as a commercial photographer to stay at home with our daughter. There are good day and boring days and not so great days, but overall, I love the opportunity that I have to spend this time watching her grow up.

Currently settling in to this new family life, mom life, personal life, and trying to balance it all and feel like myself again, and not just mom, without going crazy.

So, thanks for stopping by! I really, truly, am glad you are here and I hope you find something worthwhile out of my passion project here at Lovely Little Space.

Want to connect? Send me an e-mail at hannah@bubp.net or follow me on Instagram.

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