Baby’s First Birthday Gift Guide

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Claire is officially one! We had a great time celebrating her Birthday this weekend with friends and family. If you have a one year old or are going to a one year old’s Birthday then you might be searching for a Baby’s First Birthday Gift Guide to help you figure out what to give as a Birthday present.

Because it’s hard to know what to give a one year old if you aren’t around them very often.

I’m sharing a few gifts that Claire received on her first Birthday that she has loved as well as a few toys we already had that she plays with all the time.

Baby’s First Birthday Gift Guide

Anywhere Chair

An Anywhere Chair is the perfect first Birthday gift. Claire’s aunt gave her a personalized Anywhere Chair for her Birthday. It’s such a special gift. It’s very cute and functional. I love that Claire will grow into using this chair for years to come. This is an awesome gift if you want to splurge a little.

Lift-The-Flap Board Books

Books are always a great gift. Claire loves books and is currently obsessed with any Lift-The-Flap board books. She wants to read them all day long. A few favorites are Where’s Spot?, Open The Barn Door, and Dear Zoo.

She also loves the baby version of Oh, Baby! Go, Baby! It’s not a Lift-The-Flap book but there are things for her to touch and move around.

Push Car

The Push Car might be Claire’s favorite first Birthday gift. I was on the fence about even requesting this gift because I didn’t know if we’d use it that much. However, she wants to be pushed around in it multiple times a day. It works great in the house on our hardwood floors and outside on the sidewalk.

Musical Mat

This Piano and Animal sounds musical mat is a great gift! Claire likes to crawl around on it and listen to the animal sounds.

Sit-To-Stand Walker

Claire has had a Sit-To-Stand Walker for a while and she absolutely loves it now that she is trying to learn how to walk. I think it helps her learn how to balance while standing up. She loves to use it to explore all around the house.

Name Puzzle

Another personalized gift option is a Name Puzzle. This is a great age for babies to play with easy puzzles, with a little help. Plus, having a puzzle with their name on it is super cute.

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