Best Baby Toys For 0-6 Month Olds

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Newborns don’t do a whole lot besides eat, sleep, and poop for the first couple of months of life. Eventually they will start to notice the world around them. Once both of you come out of the fog of newborn life, you’ll want to find some ways to entertain them during the day. Here are some of the Best Baby Toys for 0-6 Month Olds to help them learn and grow.

All the toys listed are ones that I have personally loved having with my little one. They really don’t need many toys around this age range, but it did help to have a few on hand. They toys on this list are all very affordable, so you can use the money you saved for other important things, like diapers. (Soooo many diapers.)

Best Baby Toys For 0-6 Month Olds

Tummy Time Play Mat

Hands down one of the best toys for 0-6 month olds is a tummy time play mat. My little one used her tummy time mat multiple times a day, every day.

Babies love to look at and eventually grab all the toys that dangle down. They also love to kick, which is why I like this one with a little piano attached.

Having a play mat will also encourage tummy time, which is important for little ones to develop.

Baby Mobile

Another one of my little one’s favorite toys during this age was a black, white, and red baby mobile. It’s easy to connect to your crib and your baby can have something interesting to look at for a while.

It plays music and rotates the images around. There are also multiple black, white, and red pictures that you can change out to keep your baby interested.

This was a lifesaver to have so I could put my little one down while I ate or showered and she would be content for a while without me.

High Contrast Books

High contrast books are another popular toy for 0-6 month olds. I like this Baby Einstein Primary Pages book because it can connect to a car seat or stroller, has lots of colorful images, crinkles, and is easy for them to grab once they learn that skill.

There are tons of other high contrast books out there too. Any of them are sure you grab your little one’s interest. They are also a great prop for tummy time.

Bouncy Seat

My little one loved chilling in this bouncy seat. It’s very lightweight and portable so you can bring it around the house with ease. There is also a vibration setting to help soothe fussy babies.

As my baby got older, she was able to hit, grab, and spin the toys around. We used this bouncy seat until she began sitting up on her own, which was around the 6 month mark.

Take Along Musical Toy

This Baby Einstein Musical Toy is the perfect toy to keep in your diaper bag. It kept my baby entertained while we were out and about.

Once she was able to grab and hold toys, she enjoyed playing with this one on her own. It’s been a well used toy and for less than $10, it’s definitely one of the best baby toys for 0-6 month olds.

Clip On Toy Moose

Another great take along toy is this Clip On Toy Moose. It’s perfect to clip on a car seat or stroller to keep baby occupied. My little one loved playing with and chewing on this toy.

They make a variety of these clip on baby toys. We also have the Flip Flap Dragon that she really likes to play with.

Nuby Teether Keys

These Nuby Teether Keys are great to have even before teething happens. Once babies learn the skill to grab, then they also want to put everything in their mouth. That’s why it’s important to have safe toys for them to chew on at an early age.

Whenever your baby actually starts teething then these teether keys really come in handy. You can place them in the freezer to cool them down in order to soothe swollen gums.

Oball Rattle

Rattles are a classic first baby toy. They are easy to grab and fun to shake. My little one really liked this Oball Rattle. It was a well played with toy and very affordable.

Oball makes a lot of other toys that are great for little ones in the 0-6 month age range. They are great for grabbing, chewing, shaking, and rolling.

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For the first few months of life, all babies really need are their basic needs met and a lot of snuggles. The very hard days with a newborn don’t last forever, even if it might seem like it at the time.

The baby toys on this list were all well played with and enjoyed when my little one was 0-6 months old. Enjoy these precious first months with your baby. They really do go by so fast.

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