Best Baby Toys For 6-12 Month Olds

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There are so many baby toys out there. It can feel a little overwhelming to figure out which toys are the best for your little one. Once they start sitting up, crawling, and standing, their whole world changes, and they want to explore the world in a new way. These are some of the Best Baby Toys For 6-12 Month Olds to help them develop during this exciting time.

We’ve personally used and loved all of the toys on this list. (Or a very similar toy.) These are the perfect toys for babies who are sitting, crawling, standing, and walking. My little one plays with these toys nearly every day. If you are looking for some new toys to entertain your growing baby, consider some from this list.

Best Baby Toys For 6-12 Month Olds

Baby Jumper

The good ol’ baby jumper. There are a lot of different ones out there. I’ve been very happy with the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper. There’s a little piano, a seat that swivels, and a variety of toys.

We tried the doorway jumper but my little one seems happier in this activity jumper. I think she likes the variety of toys and the option to go crazy jumping when she feels like it.

It is a little bulky but portable when you need to move it around. She’s been wearing this toy out for 4 months and still loves playing in it every day.

Highly recommend purchasing one of these for your little one.

Stacking Cups

These little Stacking Cups are highly rated and very affordable. My little one LOVES them. Seriously loves them. They are currently her go-to toy every morning.

With all the different toys that she has, I was a little surprised that these seem to be a favorite. They are perfect for little hands because they are easy to grab. She seems to enjoy unstacking them and knocking them over when I stack them for her.

They are a great developmental toy too.

Sit To Stand Walker

The Sit To Stand Walker is one that I was on the fence about but she has really enjoyed playing with it. She likes to be upright but cannot walk independently. So, this is the perfect toy for little ones to get used to walking with assistance.

It folds down to a toy that they can play with on the ground, too. Your baby is sure to be entertained by this one while sitting or walking.

Stacking Rings And Blocks Bundle

Another pair of daily favorites are the Stacking Rings and Shaped Blocks. Little hands love to pull the rings off the stand and grab all the different blocks.

These are great for them to play with as they grow. Eventually they will learn to put the rings back on the stand and to put the blocks in the bucket.

This is an affordable and fun learning toy bundle for your little one.

Activity Cube

Babies love Activity Cubes. There are lots of things to see, touch, and move with this Farm Animals Activity Cube. It’s a great toy for babies who are learning to sit independently and for busy babies who want to get into everything.

It is a little pricier than others on the list but worth the splurge.

Musical Keyboard And Drum Set

All babies seem to love musical toys. This Keyboard and Drum set is a great combo. There are a lot of different sounds and buttons to press.

This is a great toy for babies to learn about music and it’s also fun for them to play with.

Wiggle And Crawl Ball

This Wiggle and Crawl ball is the newest toy around here. Now that my little one is crawling everywhere, I thought I’d try it out to give the dogs a break from the baby chasing after them all day.

It rolls around, lights up, plays noises, and is overall pretty entertaining. She likes crawling around after it before she gets distracted by something else.

Baby Phone

It seems like every baby loves phones. They see us on our phones all the time and are intrigued by them. I don’t let my little one play with my phone so I bought her this Baby Phone to play with.

I’ve kept her toy phone in the car because it does a great job at keeping her entertained while we’re running errands. She hit the camera button about a hundred times one trip and had me cracking up.

Noisy Farm Book

My baby is obsessed with the Noisy Farm book and screams in delight when we read it. She loves looking at the pictures of the animals and hearing the animal noises.

Obviously, all books are good to read to babies, but this is a great one that we read every day because it keeps her engaged.

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The 6-12 Month Age range has been my favorite so far. Babies start to get more mobile, vocal, and are able to do so much more. Their little personalities start to come out more too.

It can be difficult to keep your little one entertained all day. (Or long enough for you to drink your morning coffee while it’s still hot.) These baby toys are not only fun for my baby but they are also a lifesaver for when I need a little break.

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