Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

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Christmas movies are the best. There are the classics that you just have to watch every year (looking at you, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation), but you may be looking for some new Christmas movies to watch this year too. There are actually quite a few good Christmas movies to watch on Netflix right now.

Netflix has some Christmas movie classics available. They also have a few Netflix Originals. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the Netflix Original Christmas movies that I’ve watched so far. Most of them I would definitely recommend!

Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix

Holidate – This one has just been added to Netflix and I immediately put it on my watch list. It looks like the perfect Christmas rom-com.

Klaus – This is an animated movie so if that’s not your thing then you might not be interested. I started watching this one while my daughter and I played and continued watching it while she napped. The story was original and I thought it was really cute. This is a great Christmas movie for the whole family.

The Christmas Chronicles – This is a more modern day Santa Clause movie. Two older kids have to help Santa deliver presents. Not the best movie but I thought it was enjoyable. This is a good choice if you want to watch a Christmas movie but want something new to watch, too.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Everyone knows this movie and you either love it or hate it. Of course I had to include it on the list. I enjoy this movie but it’s not one that I have to watch every year.

The Knight Before Christmas – Do you love rom-coms? Then this is the movie for you. It’s cheesy but sweet and I totally enjoyed watching it. I thought it was slightly better than a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Christmas With The Kranks – I love this movie and I think it has made it on my must watch Christmas movie list. You can’t go wrong with Tim Allen. If you’ve never seen this movie, definitely give it a watch. It’s just a fun Christmas movie.

Movies To Skip: Let It Snow and Holiday In The Wild. I stopped both of these after 20-30 minutes. Couldn’t get into them.

I’ve realized that there are quite a few more that I need to watch and they have been added to my list. Will update this list again soon after watching them.

Happy Christmas movie watching!

Do you have a favorite Netflix Christmas movie that’s missing from this list? Leave a comment and let me know what movie you’re loving right now.

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