Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

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Wreaths are so much fun to make. You can save a ton of money by DIYing your own wreath. Did you know that the Dollar Tree carries cute seasonal decor perfect for crafting? This Dollar Tree Fall Wreath is a cute and affordable way to spruce up your front door this fall.

How To Make This Easy Dollar Tree Fall Wreath

What You’ll Need

  • Wreath Ring
  • Wreath Door Hanger
  • Assorted Fake Flowers (I used white and orange mums)
  • Fall Burlap Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

All of these supplies (except the hot glue gun) are available at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, $1 each. The total cost for this wreath was about $10 because I had a few of the supplies on hand already.

The Dollar Tree carries a variety of fall flowers and ribbons. You are sure to find something that fits your taste and budget. It’s easy to craft a simple wreath or go for something more elaborate.

How To Assemble

Step 1: Wrap your wreath ring with burlap ribbon. This is so you will have a surface for the hot glue to stick to and so the wire will be covered.

Step 2: Pull the flowers off the stems and discard the stems.

Step 3: Organize the flowers into your desired pattern. For this wreath, I alternated orange and white all the way around. I used about 4 flowers for each section before alternating.

Step 4: Hot glue your flowers on the wreath ring.

Step 5: Make a bow out of decorative ribbon. I used red burlap ribbon and made a large bow to go on the top center of my wreath. This step isn’t necessary but I think it ties everything together.

Step 6: Hang it on your door.

My Dollar Tree Fall Wreath looks great hanging on my front door. I loved creating this easy, affordable wreath.

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