Easy To Care For House Plants

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My focus lately has been to make my home feel cozy and look beautiful. We moved in over a year ago and I’m still working on decorating it. If you watch any home shows on HGTV, you’ll see that adding house plants makes a huge difference. I don’t have a green thumb but I have found a few easy to care for house plants that anyone can thrive at keeping alive.

We’ve all been staying inside a lot more since the pandemic started. Why not make your home even more beautiful with a simple plant?

Why Should You Have House Plants?

The main reason I started purchasing house plants was because they are aesthetically pleasing. It’s relaxing to look at plants in your home.

An added benefit? They freshen your air and eliminate harmful toxins.

Where To Buy Indoor Plants?

Amazon is probably the easiest place to purchase house plants from and they have a good selection.

Personally, I go to a local greenhouse to purchase my indoor plants. They have a really good selection at affordable prices. It’s also fun to go and pick your own plant. (Stanley’s Greenhouse for Knoxville locals. They’re great. Otherwise, trying Googling “Greenhouse” in your city and hopefully a few results come up!)

My least favorite but doable option is the big box stores: Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart have ok selections, however they are more expensive and have less variety than the local greenhouse.

Easy To Care For House Plants

Here are some of my favorite easy to care for house plants. What makes these plants so easy to care for? They require just a little bit of attention and the right conditions to be happy.

Snake Plant

This is the first plant I purchase that I was actually able to keep alive. It’s so easy to care for and it looks really cool. It thrives in any light situation and requires watering only twice a month. (Or whenever you remember.) Mine has thrived and grown for years! It gave me the encouragement to buy more plants.

Monstera Deliciosa

These plants love light and to be watered once the soil is dry. Such a pretty plant that will grow if you give it the right amount of light.

ZZ Plant

Probably the easiest plant to take care of. I keep mine in my bedroom. It doesn’t really care if it gets a lot of light or water. Just water it sometimes and it’s good!


Succulents love light and do not require much watering. There are a lot of varieties. I’ve had some thrive and some die, but also purchased them from big box stores where sometimes the quality isn’t as great as a local greenhouse.

Prayer Plant

These plants are easy to care for once in the right conditions. They like light and moisture, so I moved mine to my bathroom and it is thriving. Growing like crazy and sprouted flowers. They look so pretty and also move around at different times of day. (That’s where the name comes from.)


I don’t personally have one of these (yet) but my friend has a few different varieties and says they are some of the easiest to care for. I’ll probably grab one of these next time I go plant shopping.

Other Things To Know About Caring For Indoor Plants

You’ll want to buy well draining soil and repot in a pot with a drainage hole. Root rot occurs when you overwater a plant or water stays at the bottom of the pot and cannot drain out.

I’ve killed too many plants this way before I learned what root rot was and how to prevent it.

Most stores sell basic indoor plant soil that will work for your needs. If you have a pot without a drainage hole, I have read to put rocks on the bottom to prevent the water from sitting on the roots.

My favorite places to buy stylish and inexpensive pots are Marshall’s and Wal-Mart.

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