Easy Ways To Save Money At Kroger

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Kroger is my favorite grocery store. I’ve shopped at all the grocery stores but Kroger is my weekly go-to store. They have good, quality items at reasonable prices. I try to stick to a weekly grocery budget of $70 for our family of 3. These easy ways to save money at Kroger help me stay on track with my budget. (This is mostly just for food items. I purchase household items like paper products and diapers from Costco and dog food from Amazon Subscribe & Save.)

Also, a good rule of thumb for saving money on groceries is to meal plan, check what you have at home first, shop the unit pricing labels for the best product price, and know what a good price is for items you use frequently so you can stock up when you find a good deal. Doing these simple things will help you save money every time you grocery shop.

Easy Ways To Save Money At Kroger

Get a Kroger Plus Card

First things first: you gotta get a Kroger Plus Card to save money at Kroger. You only get the “markdown” price if you have a Plus Card. You can link your phone number to the account and use it as an alternate ID in case you forget your card. It will also help you rack up fuel points.

Use Coupons

You can save a ton of money by using coupons! It doesn’t have to be a big thing or take up a lot of time, either. There are a few easy ways to save money at Kroger by using coupons…

Paper coupons. As a Kroger Plus customer, Kroger will often mail you coupons related to what you usually buy. You’ll also get some best customer coupons mailed to you. I’ve received coupons for free eggs, carrots, and more.

Digital coupons. You can upload these to your Kroger Plus card through the app or website. Then, when they scan your card at checkout, your coupons will automatically be applied at the end of your transaction. I usually browse the coupons while making my grocery list for the week or I pull the app up while I’m at the store to see if they have coupons for specific items.

Manufacturers coupons. They also accept manufacturers coupons. I’m not big into manufacturers coupons because it takes more time and planning, but if that is your jam then you can definitely save money that way, too.

Bonus: Every Friday you can download a coupon for a Free Friday item. Also, Friday-Saturday they have special prices on select items with the digital coupon. Items vary by week.

Shop The Weekly Ad

Another easy way to save money is to shop the sales every week. Then plan your meals around what you already have at home and what’s on sale. This is especially good for meat and in season produce.

Find The Discount Sections Of The Store

Did you know that there are multiple discount sections in Kroger? The produce, bakery, meat, and pantry items all have discount sections. If you do purchase discounted meat or produce, be sure to use it ASAP as it’s usually discounted due to being close to the “sell by” date.

Use Fuel Points

If you’re using your Kroger card for every shopping trip, then you will automatically accumulate fuel points. By the end of each month I usually have about .40c off per gallon. There are also digital coupons that you can download to your plus card to give you even more fuel points per shopping trip. You can save at the Kroger gas station by using your plus card, even if you don’t have any fuel points to use. It will give a .03c per gallon discount by being a Kroger Plus customer.

Do Your Shopping With ClickList

ClickList can be a good way to save money, even with the $5 charge per ClickList transaction. I used this all the time when my daughter was a newborn. It saved my time and sanity, and that is worth way more than the price of using ClickList. Plus, the first 3 ClickList transactions were free!

Ok, so how does ClickList actually save you money if you have to pay to use it? It saves you time. It saves you from impulse shopping. And, if the product you want is not currently available, they will substitute, often for a name brand, for the price of the one on your list!

There are also ClickList specific digital coupons. I’ve used one that saved me $10 off a $70 ClickList purchase before. The regular digital coupons work on your ClickList order as well.

I hope these tips will help you save money on your next trip to Kroger!

Here are a few easy ways to save money at Kroger. Because we all want to save money on our grocery trips without spending a lot of time clipping coupons.

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