How To Be More Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

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I’ve been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now with sweet Claire. Let me just say, it has been quite the adjustment. There is ALWAYS something to do, on top of taking care of a little human all day. After many months of survival mode and figuring out what I am even doing, I’ve found a few ways to be more productive as a stay at home mom.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out as a stay at home mom. That’s why self care is so important. It’s totally ok to take time for yourself when you need to and press pause on your to-do list.

I love being able to accomplish a few tasks and keep my home looking good. That’s why it’s important to me to be productive during the day. It feels good to check things off of my to-do list. Even if it’s something simple like going to the grocery store or doing a load of laundry.

If you can relate, or are looking for ways to calm the chaos of motherhood, I hope these simple tips on how to be more productive as a stay at home mom are helpful to you.

How To Be More Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

Set Routines

Routines make being productive as a stay at home mom possible. Life got SO MUCH BETTER when we figured out a routine that worked for us. We started with a solid bedtime routine and everything else fell into place. Now Claire sleeps from 8pm-8am (usually) and naps after lunch. I utilize nap time to get A LOT of stuff done. Some people suggest waking up before your baby, which I do sometimes, but sleep is one of the most important things to me so I prioritize sleeping until I feel rested. Before we got to this point, I’d sleep in super late and nap when I got a chance. Not much was getting done most days but it’s gotten much better. Be sure to take care of yourself.

Another routine we have is for meals and snacks. Claire eats around the same time every day. I try to eat when she does but it doesn’t always work out that way. Having a routine for meals helps keep Claire happy and keeps our days structured.

By creating a good routine, I now have time to relax at the end of the day, which is so important for my happiness and mental health. Bedtime is the best time.

Meal Plan

I’m sure you’ve read about meal planning and you know that it’s great to do but do you actually meal plan every week? I’ve found that when I put in the time to meal plan, my week goes so much smoother. It eliminates last minute trips to the store and the brainpower to think of what meals to make each night. I’m able to use that time and energy on other things, like playing with Claire, cleaning, or blogging.

Meal Planning can be super simple. Just think of what your family usually eats and go with that. I’ve been keeping it easy lately with Instant Pot recipes, lots of soups, and frozen meals when I don’t have the time or energy to cook.

Do One Load Of Laundry A Day

This is a habit that I’ve recently started and it has kept our household laundry in check. I usually start a load of laundry when I wake up in the morning and transfer it to the dryer mid-morning or around lunch. My goal is to have it dry by the time Claire goes down for her nap so I can fold and put it away during nap time.

It’s not a very exciting task but it helps me stay on top of our laundry. I used to have one big laundry day but doing at least one load of laundry a day is working much better for this stage of life.

Create A Weekly To-Do List

On Sunday night or Monday morning, I like to think about the week ahead and the tasks that I need to accomplish. Then I use the Notes app on my iPhone to create my weekly to-do list. This simple but effective act clears my mind of all the tasks and helps me be more present throughout my day.

I try to do one or two tasks a day. Some tasks can be completed while Claire is awake and playing. Some I have to do during nap time.

Do Something For Yourself Every Day

Some days you just need to put down your to-do list and do something for yourself. You will feel a hundred times better and be refreshed when you are ready to take on your tasks again.

I try to take a little time for myself during Claire’s nap time and watch an episode of a TV show and enjoy a warm cup of tea. I consider this my lunch break. Sometimes it’s just 30 minutes, sometimes longer, depending on what else I need to do that day and how motivated I’m feeling. This little break is super important because it keeps me going until bedtime.

To unwind at night, after Claire is in bed, I usually take a quick shower and do my nighttime skincare routine. Then I pour a glass of wine and chill with my husband until our bedtime.

Pick Up The House Before Bed

This is a habit that I do every night. Maybe because I’m a little crazy when it comes to keeping a clean(ish) house. I cannot relax when toys are all over our family room. After dinner, I spend a few minutes washing dishes, cleaning the counters, and starting the dishwasher, if needed. Before we start Claire’s bedtime routine, I show Claire that we put her toys away. Then I do any quick picking up after Claire is in bed and before I settle down for the night. This simple task only takes a few minutes but makes me feel so much better.

Get Help When You Need It

Raising a kid and keeping an house in order can be a lot to handle. If you have family or friends around who are willing to help out, accept their help. It feels so nice to have 1-2 kid-free hours to clean or work on a project… or lets be honest, to just get out of the house without a kid with you.

Keeping your house clean can be tough enough, especially if you’ve had a hard week with a teething or sick kid. If someone wants to clean up your house or cook for you, that can be such a lifesaver. We’ve also invested in a Eufy RoboVac because I do NOT have time to run the vacuum everyday. (You read read my Eufy RoboVac review here.) Another popular option is to hire a housecleaner once or twice a month to do all the deep cleaning.

Always remember that you are doing a great job! Motherhood is hard and wonderful and messy and beautiful. Some days you will be supermom and some days you will watch too much TV and eat junk food.

My goal is to do my best, raise a happy and healthy kid, keep myself happy and healthy, and manage our home. Being a stay at home mom is a gift and being productive with household tasks helps me contribute to keeping a happy household.

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