How To Organize Nightstand Cord Clutter

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My nightstand has been cluttered with cords since we moved into our home four months ago. It looked messy and was not functional. My phone charger was always on the ground and my lamp wasn’t even plugged in because there were not enough outlets near my nightstand.

Since many of us use our nightstand as a home base for our electronics, it can easily become a visual mess with cords everywhere. I finally took some time to evaluate the situation and figured out how to organize nightstand cord clutter.

It was super easy, inexpensive, and took just a few minutes to set up. The impact it has made on my space is huge. Clutter stresses me out, so it was important to me to create a space that looks great and is home to my needed nightstand items.

How To Organize Nightstand Cord Clutter

Determine What Will Items Will Live On Your Nightstand

The first step to organizing is to create a place for all of your items. For my nightstand, I have a lamp, my phone charger, and the baby monitor. Now that you know what items will live in that space, you can plan to purchase the correct number of supplies to help you organize.

This would also be a great time to declutter and get rid of any unneeded items that are living in your nightstand.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you start organizing, you need to have the following supplies on hand. I purchased these on Amazon:

Cable Clip Organizer // These things are the best. Super easy to use and they have made my nightstand look very organized. Everything has a dedicated space now.

Extension Cord // You will most likely need an extension cord. Once you determine what items will live on your nightstand then you can purchase an extension cord with the correct number of outlets for your needs.

Set Everything Up

Take everything off of your nightstand and dust it off. Plug in your extension cord and all of your electronics. Now figure out where you want your cords to go and create a dedicated spot for each cord. Once you’ve done that, attach the Cable Clip Organizers to the back of your nightstand and loop the cables through.

Decorate Your Nightstand

Once I completed organizing my nightstand, I noticed that it looked a little boring. You can easily spruce up your nightstand by adding a picture, some books, or a small plant. Adding simple decorations to your nightstand will also create visual balance.


Cluttered and cords everywhere.


How To Organize Nightstand Cord Clutter
Everything has a home. Cords are hidden. Functional and beautiful.

My nightstand looks so clean and organized now and I absolutely love it.

I hope these simple tips on how to organize nightstand cord clutter will help you get organized and make your space a little more lovely.

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