7 Tips To Help You Read More Books In 2020

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It’s a New Year. Did you make a resolution to read more books this year?

There are so many amazing benefits of reading. I personally love reading because it’s fun and relaxing.

Reading is also a free, or inexpensive, form of entertainment. You can borrow books from your local library and from friends and family. Here’s a great list of places to find free books.

There are no right or wrong books to read. Just read whatever you enjoy. I’ve read plenty of books that are not considered highbrow but I couldn’t put them down. Read the kind of books that make you happy.

How To Read More Books In 2020

Tip # 1 – Read Something That Excites You

This first tip is so simple but it really works. You’ll want to read more books if what you’re reading is enjoyable.

Think about the books that you’ve loved reading in the past. You can join a website like Goodreads to get book recommendations based off of what you’ve read.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of reader who will devour a book in a day or two if it’s interesting to me.

Tip # 2 – Stop Reading A Book That You Just Don’t Like

This might seem contrary to reading more books but if you don’t like a book then you’re probably not going to read it.

And then it will sit on your nightstand for weeks until you eventually put it away.

We only have so much free time in our days, why waste it on books we don’t like?

Tip # 3 – Make A List Of Books To Read

Creating a Books To Read list is a great idea for helping you read more books. You only have to do the mental work once and then you’ll have a queue of books waiting to be read.

If you see or hear about a book you think sounds interesting, jot it down. A really simple way to do this is by using the Notes app on your phone.

Tip # 4 – Create A Relaxing Environment For Reading

Think about the kind of environment you like for reading. Personally, I like a cup of tea or warm beverage, comfy pants, and a blanket.

I consider this self care and try to make it a priority at least once a week. If you follow tip #1 then you will be excited to read when you have the time.

Tip # 5 – Use The Library

The library is awesome and should definitely be utilized if you want to read more books this year. First of all, it’s free. Secondly, they have their own phone app, Libby, that makes it so easy to borrow books.

If you’ve completed tip #3 and have a list of books to read then you can search the Libby app for those books. Unfortunately, they don’t have every book, but it’s a good place to start.

Tip # 6 – Listen To Your Books

Audiobooks are a great option. We’re all busy and it might be hard to carve out time to read. Especially if you work a lot or care for young children.

You can enjoy audiobooks while driving to work, working out, or playing with your kids.

The library’s Libby app also has a great selection of audiobooks available to borrow.

Tip # 7 – Set Aside Time To Read

If you carve out time to read then you’re more likely to stick to it. Every day for five minutes. Once a week or an hour. Whatever works for you.

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One thought on “7 Tips To Help You Read More Books In 2020

  1. I appreciate the advice about listening to more audiobooks while driving to work. Since I have more time in the house now, I want to read at least 3 new books for the summer. I’ll have to find books that I can listen to while on my commute to work then.

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