How To Save Money On Baby Clothes

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Baby clothes are so cute but you can easily overspend if you’re not careful. I’ve found a few simple ways to save money on baby clothes so that you can still enjoy shopping for baby clothes without breaking the bank.

You can find baby clothes that are new for a discount, used for a bargain, or you might even snag some for free.

Then you can use all the money you saved for important things, like diapers and wine.

Tips To Save Money On Baby Clothes

Borrow From Friends And Family

A great option to save money on baby clothes is to borrow from your loved ones. It’s especially good if you know someone who has a baby about a year older than yours because the sizes and seasons will match up.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for used baby clothes from friends or family. If someone has already offered clothes to you, gladly accept them. You might not use all the clothes but it doesn’t hurt to have extra outfits on hand. You’ll be doing a lot of laundry regardless.

Buy Used At A Consignment Store

This is one of the best ways to save on cute baby clothes. My favorite children’s consignment store is Once Upon A Child. They have so many cute outfits for babies and toddlers at a fraction of the retail cost. They usually sell clothes in good condition and some are even new.

I usually make a trip out there every season to pick up a few staples. They even sell some boutique brands if that’s your jam. I’ve found that most outfits are at least half off the regular price.

Shop Garage Sales

Garage Sales were such an eye-opener for how cheap you can find baby clothes. I found baby clothes for 25 cents a piece at one garage sale and a bag full of clothes for $5 at another garage sale. Most people just want to get rid of their stuff and will sell it to you for a steal.

I like shopping neighborhood garage sales or multifamily garage sales. Craigslist is a great resource for finding upcoming garage sales. Many people post what type of items they are selling too so you’ll know exactly which ones to check out.

Discount Stores That Sell New Clothing

Burlington, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx are a few of my favorite discount stores to shop for baby clothes. They sell cute, name brand outfits for about half the cost. You’ll spend more here than some of the other options but you can still find some good deals.

They sell cute accessories here as well as sleepers and sleep sacks. I’m a big fan of Halo Sleep Sacks and have found a lot of them at discount stores.

Go Thrifting

I recently found some great baby clothes at a local thrift store for about $2 each piece. Yes, they were used, but they were good brands and in good condition. I’m excited for my little one to rock these pieces.

Some thrift stores also have special sales, like half off days. You could snag some bargains by shopping at the right time.

Shop End Of Season Sales

You can find some great deals at the end of the season. I like shopping at Target and Carter’s clearance racks a few times a year.

Be careful about buying too much at the end of the season, though. You don’t want your little one to size up too much before they can wear that cute outfit next year.

Wait For A Store Sale Or Coupon

Did you find an outfit that you LOVE but it’s full price? Sometimes, if you wait a week or two, the store will have a sale or coupon for that item. Target’s sales change weekly and often the baby clothes go on sale. You can also use their app for additional savings.

Other stores will often have coupons that you can pull up on your phone. It might only save you a few bucks but that’s better than nothing.

Don’t Buy Too Many Outfits In The First Year

Babies grow out of clothes so fast. I had an almost 9lb baby, so she only wore newborn outfits for about two weeks.

She also lived in sleep and play outfits (especially ones with zippers!), so a lot of the cute outfits were never even worn.

I’d limit the amount of outfits you buy that first year. At least the cutesy ones. You’ll likely be gifted a lot of baby clothes and you probably won’t dress your little one up too much anyway.

Save Your Outgrown Baby Clothes For Future Children

If you are planning on having more children then save all of your baby clothes. You’ve already spent the time using these other money saving tips and now you can reuse all of those cute outfits.

You can also buy some clothing staples in gender neutral colors if you’re planning to have more children.

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