Things To Do In January To Set Yourself Up For A Great Year

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January is here and it’s officially 2020! Hello to a new decade. I always love the start of a new year. It feels fresh and exciting. There are a few things to do in January to set yourself up for a great year. Get the ball rolling with that New Year motivation.

Some of these tasks are fun, some are not so fun, but I know that you will benefit from doing all of these things. Take a little bit of time to work on these tasks. Future you will thank you for putting in the work early in the year.

Things To Do In January To Set Yourself Up For A Great Year

Review Your Budget

Keeping track of your money through a budget is very important to help you achieve your financial goals. A budget doesn’t have to be complicated. I use Mint to keep track of my budget. It’s a simple way to keep an eye on my finances.

At least once a year you should review your entire budget. Write everything down or use a spreadsheet. This important to see what you pay for every month. Then you can cancel any subscriptions that no longer work for you and call around to try to get better prices on other bills. It will also help you set a realistic spending budget for your monthly bills.

Write out your financial goals as well. Are you paying off debt, saving for a house, or wanting to put more back for retirement? Once you have your goals and a fresh budget, you can go into the new year with your finances in check.

Declutter Your Home

I don’t know about you but stuff just seems to accumulate at my house. Especially after the holidays. Personally, I like organizing and decluttering so I do it more often than yearly, but I think decluttering at least once a year is a good start.

When you declutter, you also free up your mind space. It’s not just about filling a bag full of old clothes to donate once a year. It’s more about getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear so you don’t see them and think about them anymore.

You will feel so much better if your spend a little time decluttering. Say goodbye to the things that no longer work for you.

Clean All The Things

It’s the perfect time to clean when your house is decluttered and all of your holiday decor is put away. Having a clean home is a great way to start the New Year. You’ll be able to focus on other tasks when your home is in order.

A deep clean is great if you have the time and energy for it. Otherwise, just do what you can. Make it a family project and get everyone involved.

You may consider buying a RoboVac to help keep your home clean throughout the year. Read my review of the Eufy RoboVac if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Plan Your Vacations

A fun task to do in January is to think about what vacations you want to take throughout the year. A lot of people have their PTO renewed at the beginning of the year so it’s a great time to start planning and get those PTO requests in early.

You don’t have to plan all the details just yet. Having the dates down on your calendar will give you things to look forward to throughout the year.

If you’re looking for some trip ideas, be sure to check out the Travel Guides on my other blog, The Wander Guide.

Set Goals

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, think about goals you want to achieve this year. Then you can create steps to reach your goals and set aside time for them.

My goals for the year are to read one book a month and to work out once a week. I enjoy both of these activities and they are good for my mind and body. By thinking about these goals now I can plan my time accordingly each month to achieve them.

Take Ownership Of Your Time

Our time is a precious and limited resource. Most of us spend our time working, caring for children, running errands, doing household chores, and other tasks that might not be entirely fun.

Now think about your obligations. If you feel like you’re being stretched too thin or do not enjoy voluntary tasks, cut them out of your life. It’s totally OK to do that. Spend your time wisely, with the people you love, doing what you love.

Make Your Home Feel Like Your Home

This one is a little more geared towards me but I think it can apply to anyone. We moved into our home 7 months ago and it still doesn’t feel like our home. My goal for the year is to make our home feel like us. I’m planning to hang more photos and artwork and to find furniture pieces that match our style.

Home is one of my favorite places to be and I want it to be warm, cozy, beautiful, and functional. I’m working on creating spaces in our home that work for us during this season of life.

Check Your Health Before You Wreck Your Health

Something that you should do every year is schedule any yearly exams that you need. This could include dental cleanings (twice a year), any doctor visits, and eye exams, to name a few. This is a great, easy step to be proactive about your health in the new year.

Of course it’s always a good idea to exercise, eat healthy, and drink water, too! These are all simple tasks that can make a big impact on your health over the year.

Implement Self Care On A Regular Basis

Take care of yourself. What are a few things that make you feel like you? Think about that and then carve out time to do those things. Personally, I’m in a season of life that feels like it’s hard to have that free time, but I make it work with little things here and there. Do what you can but make sure that you do something for yourself. Your mental health is so important.

I hope this list of things to do in January to set yourself up for a great year has given you some ideas to get the year started off on the right foot.

What do you do every January to set yourself up for a successful year?

I’d love to know. Leave a comment with your favorite New Year tips.

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