Tips For Taking Monthly Baby Photos

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Babies grow up so fast. As a new mom and photographer, I knew that I wanted to document Claire’s first year with monthly baby photos. I’m sharing a few easy tips for taking monthly baby photos that will help you rock these mini photo sessions.

First things first… Don’t stress about it.

It’s OK to take the monthly photos a week late. And it’s OK if they don’t turn out picture perfect. You’ll be happy to have these milestone photos to look back on.

These tips are meant to help you have fun and create the best monthly baby photos possible with what you already have on hand.

Tips For Taking Monthly Baby Photos

#1 – Use Natural Light

The only light you need for beautiful photos in your home is window light. Do NOT use overhead lighting! Natural light looks so much better in photos. Find a window in your home that provides great light and pick that as the place for your baby’s monthly photos.

You may want to test out the light in a few different areas until you find the best spot, but once you find it, you’re set. This is a really important step for great photos. It might take a little time to get it right. As a professional photographer, getting the lighting right is always the first step.

#2- Keep The Background Consistent

Keeping the background consistent in your monthly baby photos will keep the attention on what’s most important: your baby! An easy way to do this is to use a plain blanket and put it on the ground. Another option would be to place your baby on an object, such as a chair, couch, or bed (as long as it’s near good window lighting). Safety comes first, so always be sure to place your baby in a safe spot when taking photos.

With a consistent background, your focus will be on how much your baby grows each month and not on a variety of backgrounds.

#3- Use A Stuffed Animal For Scale

It can be hard to tell exactly how much our little ones grow each month. By using the same stuffed animal in my daughter’s monthly photos, it helps show just how much she has grown. I’m so glad that I incorporated this in her monthly photos. (Well, all except the last one… because it’s hard to get a 12 month old to stay still for a minute.)

#4 – Keep The Outfits Simple

Another tip for focusing on your growing baby is to keep the outfits simple. You could buy onesies that are white, have the monthly number on them, or just an everyday outfit. I’d save the special occasion outfits for their own set of photos.

#5 – Put The Month Number In The Photo

There are plenty of different ways to incorporate the monthly number on your baby’s photos. You could invest in props like a sign, numbered onesies, or a blanket with 12 months on it. Another option is to edit the photo and add in the monthly number. Or just make a collage at the end of the year and put them in order that way.

Let your creativity go wild and enjoy this time documenting your baby’s first year.

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